’Chaser’ is a soul-stirring cut comprised of textured guitar tones, subtle thumping percussion, ambient synth and sombre yet lush, layered vocals, providing ample space for sobering contemplation. A tender backdrop to guide its listener through an internal search for the tools to move on from a lost connection with a significant other, while also recognising the parts of ourselves we also lose and must rebuild in in the process of starting over. – Karla Harris – When The Horn Blows

Hearing a song as pure as “Chaser” in today’s digital age is nostalgic and vulnerable. – Chloe Mogg – Born Music Online

The tenderness of the song, the melodic harmony weaving in and through the very thick tactile acoustic guitar progression is absolutely goosebumps inducing. Dreamy synths and backing vox create a fever dream wash along with nuanced drumming and bass. By the end, you are just sitting or lying in a lovely trance. – Robb Donker – American Pancake

“As soon as I heard the New York City-based group’s new song ‘Lazy’, I could not help but think of Cobain and Nirvana. Without a doubt, Cobain is one of the most influential people to ever walk the face of this planet, so, to be mimicked is a given. I’m not suggesting that Cobain reincarnated as Terlizzi. What I am saying is that this is one hell of a mimic.”  –Richardine Bartee – GRUNGECAKE

“The distortion is where it’s at with SHORE DRIVE, and when the quartet drives you to the edge where sanity meets reality, you thrive with joy.” –comeherefloyd

Featured on Last Day Deaf’s Abrasive Minerals, No. 8 playlist

“Off-kilter, but reminiscent of the famous vocals which carried the classic Nirvana sound” –Richardine Bartee – GRUNGECAKE